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Year - 2008, color - graphite, Automatic transmission, dual-zone climate control, interior - velour, engine 2.4 l.

Year 2009, color - gray, metallic, dual-zone climate control, heated seats, sunroof, interior - leather, power 500 hp, all-wheel drive.

Year - 2015, the original passenger seats, seat belts, air suspension, Automatic transmission, air conditioning, color - blue interior - suede, 5+1 seats.

Climate control with the wiring through the cabin, armrests, seat belts, TV + DVD, microphone, fridge, freestanding oven.

White business class liner: the soft cozy interior, air conditioning, 2 TVs, DVD, CD, radio, microphone, 2 refrigerators.

Options - TV, WC, DVD, microphone, coffee maker, refrigerator, air conditioning.

Soft velour interior, comfortable folding seats, microphone, TV / DVD, seat belts, air conditioning, autonomic heating. 15 seats