Visa support

Visa support


In accordance to the Ukrainian legislation, the most of foreign tourists have to have entry visa to Ukraine. Ukrainian visa is issued by the Consular Department of the Embassy of Ukraine, located on the territory of your country or, if there is no embassy, then the Embassy of Ukraine in the neighbor country.

To obtain a visa, you have to provide the tourist package of documents, which necessarily includes visa support (confirmation). This confirmation is issued by Ukrainian travel companies that have a license for tour operator activities. There are different types of visas depending on the purpose of the visit, such as tourist visa, business visa.

Travel company "Ukraina - Tour" offers a full assistance in obtaining tourist visas to foreigners to enter Ukraine. We will issue a package of documents that is needed for this type of visa (confirmation letter with touristic services + hotel vaucher for accommodation).

For visa support (confirmation) we need the following information:

  1. Full name of applicant (as shown in passport);
  2. date of birth;
  3. nationality;
  4. passport number;
  5. the date of issue;
  6. expire date of the passport;
  7. the exact dates of stay in Ukraine;
  8. the cities you will visit (with exact dates);
  9. embassy, where you going to apply for the visa (country and city);
  10. hotels the person will stay only 4 **** or 5 ***** (with confirmation of booking). 

We can provide visa support only if you book the hotel and book a tour through our company, because we need hotel confirmations (point 10).

Visa support price is 70 USD (non-refundable). PLEASE NOTE that the Embassy has the right to request additional documents to obtain a visa to Ukraine, so please ask to the Embassy for the full list of documents.

For example, in some countries also require travel support in the Ukrainian language, a travel voucher for hotel accommodation, information about the application of tourists stay in the territory of Ukraine.

Also, you need to check with the Embassy if they received a copy of the invitation or only the original. Original visa support can be sent to a required address by the tourist cost. IMPORTANT! We can not guarantee getting a visa, as only the Embassy decides to open a particular visitor visa or not. AND ONLY Embassy makes the final decision on issuing visas. Apply for a visa in advance as not all consulates offer this service as an emergency visa and the visa can take up to 3 weeks.