Chernobyl Zone - 1 day for groups
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Chernobyl Zone - 1 day for groups

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Departure date: on request of customer.

08:00 - Departure from Kyiv. Trip to the Chernobyl Zone will not take more than 2 hours;
10:00 - Arrival at the checkpoint “Dityatky” (the first checkpoint on the boarder with the 30-kilometer Exclusion Zone of the Chernobyl NPP). Passport control and entrance to the exclusion zone;
10:30 - 14:00 - The excursion will start from the visiting of the administrative office of the Chernobyl Zone. During the visiting the officer will tell about the Chernobyl tragedy, Exclusion Zone, modern life of Chernobyl. On our way to the Chernobyl NPP we will make several stops to take pictures including the monument “To those who saved the world” - to the courageous firefighters of Chernobyl who participated in the liquidation of the consequences of the accident from the very first moments. On our way to the Chernobyl NPP we are entering the 10-km Exclusion Zone through the checkpoint “Lelyv”. We will make the round tour of the power plant and make a stop near the gates of the 4th power unit on the special observation platform with the view of the “Sarkofag (sarcophagus)” site – a concrete-steel cover that fell on the radioactive masses and wreckage pieces after the explosion. We will visit the memorial to the heroes of Chernobyl who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the humanity. We will not leave without our attention the empty ghost town of Pripyat. We will see the most interesting town buildings and constructions that were left after the accident when the population was evacuated: the secondary school, the swimming pool “Lazurny”, the central town hotel “Polessye” and the Palace of Culture, the stadium “Avangard”, the amusement park and once dwelling districts. During the excursions you will have an opportunity to take wonderful pictures, make a video and listen to the story about the life in the town before the accident, the evacuation itself, the history of the town and its life till today;
14:00 - 15:00 - Ecologically clean lunch in the canteen on the territory of the Exclusion Zone where the employees of the power plant take their meals. It will let you submerge into the atmosphere of the modern life of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. All food-stuffs are checked and brought from the ecologically clean regions and are not radioactive at all;
15:00 - 17:00 - After lunch we continue our trip and the tour to the Chernobyl plant and its sights. Among them there is the Svyato-Illynskiy Cathedral that marked its 240th anniversary on August 9, 2009, the river port where a lot of constructions and old ships are still left and the Glory Park;
17:00 - The end of the tour. We are leaving Chernobyl and the Exclusion Zone. We are passing through the radiation and contamination control and departure to Kyiv. Arrival to Kyiv;
19:00. Note All the participants should be older than 18, do not to have any medical contra-indications for visiting the zone of the increased nuclear radiation. People in alcoholic or drug intoxication are not allowed into the Zone Persons as well as in the hangover state. During the tour in Chernobyl it is strictly prohibited to drink alcohol and drugs. It is forbidden to take any kind of weapons into the Zone.

The clothes should be solid and maximum covering the body, with long sleeves, the shoes – closed and possibly with the thick sole. It is not allowed to wear: short trousers, shorts, skirts, open shoes, clothes with short sleeves. The admission to the Zone is allowed only with the passport. Booking terms Application indicating the name and surname of the participant, date of birth, series and number of his passport, citizenship and contact details. Safety of the trip The level of radiation a person may get during this trip is less than during the usual x-ray and is approximately equal to the dose you get flying by the passenger jet.

The price includes:
- Trip by the comfortable bus according to the program;
- Escort by the licensed guide;
- Medical insurance.

The price dose not include:
- Lunch – 6 usd per person.

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