Shevchenko's grove
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Shevchenko's grove

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Duration of the excursion - 4 hours.

Street Lychakivska next to Hlyniany from the gate to the east of the city center is an integral part of the city.

There are a princely times held the main trade route to the East - Hlyniany tract. It is from this (eastern) side of Lviv reflected repeatedly attacked the Tatars. Street is rich in history and almost every structure perpetuates a separate story or legend. Drive 3 miles down the street route returns rapidly to the hills of the Ascension, where stretches a real open-air museum.

Shevchenko's grove is located on a wooded hillside Roztocze in the north-eastern part of the city to the countryside Kaiserwald in about 84 acres near the park "High Castle", a landscaped park "Ascension". Museum successfully combines the hilly landscape, vegetation recovery

Carpathians and carefully transferred the historical buildings from different regions of Western Ukraine. The museum exhibition includes about 120 monuments of folk architecture from the western regions of Ukraine. In addition, the permanent exhibition of the museum and vaults are about 20,000 objects of daily life and the arts. The museum is roughly divided into six ethnographic zones. Each zone - it's a mini village consisting of 15 - 20 of folk architecture. In the residential and business premises available household items, farming equipment, vehicles and craft tools. Six of these mini-villages are named: "Boykovschina", "Lemko", "Hutsul", "Bucovina", "Podillya" and "Lviv". Of the more than 120 architectural monuments of the western regions of Ukraine, 6 - wooden church. The oldest exhibit - a peasant hut in 1749. There is also a blacksmith shop, a school, a sawmill, a water mill and the mill.

The entrance ticket - 2 Euro per person (1 Euro - students / children).

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