Lviv city tour
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Lviv city tour

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Duration of the excursion - 3 hours.

Quickly and as fully explore the majestic city is only possible with the car.

This tour offers to see the main attractions of Lviv just 3 hours of valuable time.

At Mount High Castle (413 m above sea level) was a medieval fortress, it is being associated with the construction of the city. Climbing Mount unforgettable panoramic views of the city, virtually surrounds the mountain on all sides.

You will pass through the main streets and avenues of the city, in which at their chariots drove kings and emperors. Get the chance to see the main sights of the city. Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Cathedral of St. George, Galician Sejm and others. And of course Lychakovske cemetery. Without it, the architectural and historical ensemble of Lviv is simply impossible to imagine.

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