Jewish Lviv
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Jewish Lviv

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Duration of the excursion - 3 hours.

This tour is for those who want to take a closer acquainted with the Jewish world of Lviv, learn life from the inside, life and customs of the Jewish community.

You know about their fate during the siege of Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the legend of the synagogue "Golden Rose" and prominent Jews in Lviv 20st.: Goldenshtayna, Balaban, Dynasty Shore and Rappaport ...

Jews arrived in Lviv during the time of Daniel Galitsky and his son Leo. Like other communities of the city had its own section, a school, a hospital, a cemetery and a synagogue. Centuries passed, changes of power, only the Jews were in no hurry to change its way of life and traditions. They have gone through numerous sieges of Lviv, and conflicts with the Jesuits, and the riots in my neighborhood, and each time rebuilt after the terrible fires ... You will also learn about the fate of the Jews between the two world wars, the Nazi occupation and the Holocaust, and how life evolved further Lviv Jews.

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