Babin Yar
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Babin Yar

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Duration of the excursion - 3 hours

The route of the tour runs from landing in one of the oldest streets – Velyka Zhytomyrska that existed during the time of Kyivan Rus', which focused on the ancient monuments of architecture, further - in the Lviv area (in ancient times through the gates of Lviv was entering the city), st. Artem, the district Lukiyanovskaya. Then you will see Babi Yar - the place of the list of the world's Holocaust memorials, the most tragic in Kyiv, as a kind of reminder of the anti-human crimes of the Nazis. Babi Yar - a big ravine, where there were mass executions (for 2 days killed about 35 thousand people, and only about 100 thousand people). On the territory of the ravine are such monuments monument to Soviet citizens were shot and prisoners of war, a monument to the Jews shot - "Menorah", the monument shot children, a monument to the victims of the tragedy Kurenivska.

Next object - St. Cyril's Church, which was founded in the 12th century. At the time - on the outskirts of Kyiv (area Dorohozhychi now). In 1194 there was buried Prince Svyatoslav of Kyiv - a hero of ancient poem "The Lay of Igor's Campaign." With its wall paintings, the church declared a State Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve.

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